Family law is a concentration that requires an attorney to be more than just an attorney.  Many family law issues are emotionally charged and difficult to navigate at times.  Andrew understands the emotional difficulties in these matters and serves as a counselor who will fully investigate your issue and be at your side every step of the way.

At the Law Office of Andrew D. Brockway, the firm provides legal representation and advice in a broad array of family issues including:

  • Divorce/Separation Matters:
    • Representation in all phases of a divorce proceeding including: 

    • Applications for Temporary and Permanent Maintenance Fees

    • Applications for Temporary and Permanent Child Support

    • Application for Attorney's fees for lower earning spouses

    • Appraisals and Accounting of marital assets

    • Settlement Agreements in advance of trial

    • Drafting uncontested divorce paperwork

Child Custody/Visitation:

    • Andrew can file to petition for custody or respond to custody petitions for clients

    • Parental visitation

    • Grandparent visitation cases

Child Support:

    • File to obtain support or respond to support filings


    •  Private placement or Step-Parent adoptions
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